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Son Son Pari - Episode 98 A fake Rohit comes out of the Gemini mirror. Rohit and Fruity go shopping at a mall. The fake Rohit
Duration: 1190
View count: 19508

Son Son Pari - Episode 97 Kali Pari uses the Gemini mirror to bring forth a fake Fruity, who is a total opposite of Fruity in
Duration: 1184
View count: 35640

Son Son Pari - Episode 99 Rohit learns that he has won a lottery for 10 Crore rupees. But the trouble is the lottery ticket is
Duration: 1209
View count: 22041

Son Son Pari - Episode 96 Fruity and her friends go to Jeff's place to celebrate Christmas. Kali Pari has escaped using a dark
Duration: 1218
View count: 22700

Son Son Pari - Episode 95 Officer Chauhan, Fruity and her friends are bound to a tree by Veeru's men. Son Pari shows up in tim
Duration: 1116
View count: 20429

Son Son Pari - Episode 61 Altu and Sona rescue Fruity from the black magic of Medusa. A magical Pedd Baba tree appears there t
Duration: 1120
View count: 24604

Son Son Pari - Episode 63 Fruity misunderstands Ruby and Deepak as Medusa and Black Virus. Doctor tries to understand Fuity's
Duration: 1158
View count: 24199

Son Son Pari - Episode 65 Rohit and the children go for picnic to Kala Tilla. Rohit enquires a person to assist him for making
Duration: 1149
View count: 21753

Son Son Pari - Episode 87 Sona comes to live in Fruity's house as a servant. Cruella informs Altu that Sona used him and also
Duration: 1199
View count: 23174

Son Son Pari - Episode 53 Fruity dreams about Son Pari and Rohit's dating, but becomes scared to see Son Pari going far away b
Duration: 1173
View count: 29306

Son Son Pari - Episode 154 Rohit looking at stars remembers his wife and Fruity and gets emotional. Rohit tries to console Frui
Duration: 1301
View count: 56950

Son Son Pari - Episode 123 Sultan abducts Fruity, wanting Maduras from her. Jeff and Jennifer make a plan to save Fruity from S
Duration: 1212
View count: 49099

Son Son Pari - Episode 56 Rohit is tensed as fruity and his friends are missing. Fruity tells Dragon that she wants to take So
Duration: 1165
View count: 31129

Son Son Pari - Episode 101 Altu arrives in time to chase away Jose and Bose from draining Son Pari's strength. Son Pari saves R
Duration: 1205
View count: 40060

Son Son Pari - Episode 52 Son Pari rescues Fruity from an accident. Fruity introduces Son Pari as her friend's aunt and convin
Duration: 1173
View count: 34050

Son Son Pari - Episode 79 Deepak directs Scorpio who is in Kuala Lumpur, to snatch diamonds from Fruity. Sonpari and Altamash
Duration: 1186
View count: 25186

Son Son Pari - Episode 68 Rohit and children force a fisherman to take them to the fort. Genious cracks the mystery of the map
Duration: 1165
View count: 20951

Son Son Pari - Episode 88 Fruity rescues Sona from the hands of Mr. Dogra. Sona loses her energy. Altu is enjoying with Cruell
Duration: 1209
View count: 27787

Son Son Pari - Episode 62 Grandmother is concerned about Fruity and she denies to take medicine. Fruity recalls Dostam's words
Duration: 1127
View count: 26291

Son Son Pari - Episode 73 Fruity complains to Sona that Tina pushes her. Micheal and Dyan conspire to kill Fruity in the isola
Duration: 1148
View count: 35401

Son Son Pari - Episode 150 Fruity enjoys cycling with her friends and meets with an accident. Rohit files a complaint to find M
Duration: 1322
View count: 39630

Son Son Pari - Episode 42 Kidnapers find Fruity near their house and kidnap her. Sonpari and Altamash, get tensed after being
Duration: 1011
View count: 16431

Son Son Pari - Episode 55 Rohit is tensed as Fruity and his friends are missing. Fruity tells Dragon that she wants to take So
Duration: 1150
View count: 35732

Son Son Pari - Episode 58 Fruity tells Son Pari that she is hapy as she ruins Ruby's marriage. Ruby rants at Deepak for ruinin
Duration: 1172
View count: 25739

Son Son Pari - Episode 155 Fruity stops Prince from marrying Cinderella's sister. Commander and others are confused as in whom
Duration: 1304
View count: 43237

Son Son Pari - Episode 90 Mahamaya is a magician who performed in Fruity's school. Rakesh, Jeff and Fruity go into Mahamaya's
Duration: 1199
View count: 25789

Son Son Pari - Episode 59 To avenge Fruity, Deepak plans to learn magic. Son Pari is stunned when there is no impact of her su
Duration: 1145
View count: 24681

Son Son Pari - Episode 49 Everybody become shocked to see Ruby's face with moustache and Deepak suspects Fruity for that. Alta
Duration: 1129
View count: 34630

Son Son Pari - Episode 54 Some goons kidnap Son Pari on Deepak's instructions while Fruity and her friends follow them to save
Duration: 1144
View count: 24797

Son Son Pari - Episode 85 A boy who is the incarnation of Cruella comes to Fruity's house to take revenge on her. Sona and Alt
Duration: 1191
View count: 29889

Son Son Pari - Episode 103 Bonny (Babu) wins the confidence of everyone as a good security officer. Fruity is heartbroken at th
Duration: 1227
View count: 27470

Son Son Pari - Episode 67 The old man tells that a magical diamond can only save the life of Yash. He gives a map of the treas
Duration: 1180
View count: 21077

Son Son Pari - Episode 50 Fruity brings a book from Jengu Baba's laboratory in which techniques are written to make dead peopl
Duration: 1197
View count: 29116

Son Son Pari - Episode 72 Sona, Fruity and Altu get surprised by the behavior of Dyan. Fruity wins in running and swimming com
Duration: 1159
View count: 29835

Son Son Pari - Episode 105 Babu gets his hands back with the help of Fruity's magical gem. Fruity is taken with Babu to visit a
Duration: 1219
View count: 28892

Son Son Pari - Episode 51 Fruity becomes happy as Son Pari regains her consciousness. Rohit tells Appy about his marriage with
Duration: 1109
View count: 26347

Son Son Pari - Episode 102 Fruity gives police a photo of the man who kidnapped Genius. Bad luck Bonny demands Rs. 2 crores to
Duration: 1202
View count: 30751

Son Son Pari - Episode 70 Ruby, Deepak and their mother conspire against Fruity to remove her from the way. Mrs. Sharma convin
Duration: 1149
View count: 21185

Son Son Pari - Episode 57 Son Pari with her supernatural power saves Fruity. Rohit is happy when he finds Fruity and his frien
Duration: 1168
View count: 32560

Son Son Pari - Episode 111 Sona comes back to Rohit's house. Altu feels very bad that Sona will die very soon. Altu and Sitara
Duration: 1191
View count: 43488

Son Son Pari - Episode 43 Fruity, Jeff and Khujli are praised and interviewed in the news channel. Fruity praises Sonpari and
Duration: 1178
View count: 19980

Son Son Pari - Episode 156 Witch asks mirror to show her the most beautiful girl in the world and it shows Snow-White. Witch as
Duration: 1335
View count: 68146

Son Son Pari - Episode 69 Tribal leader informs that they have done a crime by plundering the treasure. To save the children R
Duration: 1132
View count: 22215

Son Son Pari - Episode 64 Rohit agrees to keep the puppy at home after his mother's pressure. Sona and Altu get elated seeing
Duration: 1146
View count: 22736

Son Son Pari - Episode 76 Sonpari and Altamash give protection to Fruity, since her life is in danger due to Kali Pari. When N
Duration: 1152
View count: 24525

Son Son Pari - Episode 143 Bola escapes from Bindhula's servants and hides in Fruity's tent. Fruity and Genius enquire about Bo
Duration: 1199
View count: 32593

Son Son Pari - Episode 66 Yash goes to urinate in the forest and suddenly he disappears from there. Rohit and the children gro
Duration: 1121
View count: 20885

Son Son Pari - Episode 157 Fruity and others run to Snow-White to save her, by the time they reach Snow-White would have eaten
Duration: 1311
View count: 50759

Son Son Pari - Episode 60 Son Pari and Fruity hide from Medusa. Fruity's friends switch on her computer. Son Pari becomes upse
Duration: 1168
View count: 23162

Son Son Pari - Episode 71 Fruity takes admission in Green wood high school. Tina bullies Fruity in her birthday. Micheal punis
Duration: 1165
View count: 19389

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